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ETUG Manager & Logistics

Supported by BCcampus & funded by AVED. Responsibilities include:


  • securing/managing resources for the events/activities presented to members
  • Leadership
  • Participate as member of the Stewardship Committee
  • Coordination & logistical lead for arrangements for events and registration;
  • oversee project implementation, timelines & deliverables
  • Assists Chair(s) of SCETUG with facilitation of group and ETUG initiatives and moving things forward;
  • Chairs meeting in absence of Chair, Vice-Chair
  • Works with Chair in long range planning and recruitment of committee
  • Framework documentation (Administrative)
  • Assists with the Annual planning meeting
  • Financial aspects as related to ETUG events & activities (Budget)



  • long range planning/visioning for ETUG
  • provides background & direction for committee
  • Chair meetings of the Stewardship Committee for ETUG and decision making by group
  • provides the "face" of ETUG
    • Welcomes new ETUG reps
    • SPeaks on behalf of organization at ETUG workshops (often M/C)
  • assists with new Chair transitional year
  • Represent ETUG on BCTLC
  • Appoints new SCETUG members
  • Appoint Event Planning Committee chair
  • Compile & author Year in Review message for Spring Conference & June newsletter see example


SCETUG Vice-Chair

  • assists the Chair
  • assumes role of Chair in the following year after Chair steps down


Stewardship Committee Members

  • represents diverse post-sec educators from across BC regions, small to large instit., variety of job positions and experiences
  • Communication & liaison with the field and membership***
  • team leads for ETUG projects
  • drives the program for ETUG workshops & events
  • initiates programs, projects, services for members
  • participate and contribute to monthly SCETUG meetings & input from field/practitioner needs and perspectives including rotating Scribe for the monthly SCETUG meetings
  • assistance and participation  in ETUG events
  • provides messaging/distributes message to the field and local comm channels
  • contributes to the ETUG News and Institutional Updates


Possible other Stewardship Committee Roles

  • Chair of Membership (Welcoming new members)
  • Chair of E-vents or TELL sessions
  • Editor of ETUG News
  • Web site
  • Social media
  • Call for Proposals - Lead Coordinator
  • Chair of Innovation Awards?
  • Ed Tech - good practice guide?



  • acts as the point person on campus for ETUG
  • assists in promoting ETUG workshops, events and activities through the appropriate campus communication channels to engage faculty, instructors and colleagues
  • e.g. posting the Call for Proposals to the appropriate channels like mail lists or posters etc.
  • promotes membership and subscription to the ETUG News
  • raises awareness of ETUG through letting individuals know about the http://etug.ca web site, the resources, Twitter (@etug), the Slack channel 



  • Subscribe to the monthly ETUG News
  • participate in ETUG events
  • contribute their ideas, suggestions for the Stewardship Committee to Contactus@etug.ca
  • proactively volunteer to help with ETUG events/initiatives by contacting the Stewardship Committee or ETUG Representative




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