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2019 Member Survey

Page history last edited by Clint Lalonde 5 years, 4 months ago

A page to document analysis of the 2109 ETUG Member Survey.

Committee: Bonnie, Troy Clint


Working Documents


Meeting Agenda's


Feb 11, 2019 (Initial Meeting) - CLint, Bonnie & Troy

  • Data

    • How to deal with incomplete

      • Descriptive data - don't worry too much about having complete as most will be qualitative. We're trying to tell a story, so incomplete can help tell that story.

    • There may have been questions that some may not have 

    • Filter sub reports

      • by who identifies as a member

        • do a comparative of member vs non-member responses. 

        • Pull a data set  for each - yes v no with comments

      • What technologies are in use at each institution?

      • What technologies are going to be important at institutions? 

      • Filter by institution type (Colleges vs Universities) and what are important technologies per institutional class? Any differences? 

    •  Questions we want to answer

      • Is ETUG meeting the perceived needs of the community?

      • Where is ETUG not meeting the perceived needs of the community?

      • Who is our community? Who is missing from the ETUG community that feels that they should be there? Interesting that we are higher education focused)

      • What are things that ETUG does (events, activities, communications) that are valued by the community?
      • Do people feel like the belong to the ETUG community? And have pathways to participate (Bring in member info)

      • What EdTech issues are important to members of the BC post-sec system?

      • Is ETUG seen as a leader in EdTech for the BC post-sec system?

      • What is the state of EdTech at BC post-sec?

      • What other groups organizations do ETUG'ers participate with? 

      • Are institutions who use shared services more or less likely to be involved in ETUG?

      • What technologies are in use at each institution?

      • What technologies are going to be important at institutions? 

  • To Do

    • Question by question summary of qualitative responses (coding & themes)

    • B5 - ETUG activities - Bonnie  

    • B6 - News & info - Bonnie

    • B7 - communication - Bonnie

    • C1/C2 - do you consider yourself a member - Clint 

    • C3 - One word -  Cint

    • C4 - what is ETUG - Clint

    • D1 - Technologies in use (for each one) Other groups - Troy

    • E1 - Summary - Troy

  • Audience

    • Internal

      • SCETUG & ETUG

    • External

      • BCNET - what do we want to tell them?  

  • Decide on report sections

  • Technical format of report (blog post? Word? Wiki? Infographic?)

    • What do we want represented on infographic?

  • Reporting out & deadlines

    • Draft report to SCETUG by (March 13)

    • Present at SCETUG meeting (March 20)

    • Public publish date (post SCETUG presentation)

    • BCNET conference (

    • ETUG conference (June 20/21)




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