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Member Profiles

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Member Profiles

Lead: Hope


Overview- each month we will be highlighting/interviewing a member of the ETUG community. SCETUG members will do the interviews in the format of their choice (audio, video, written).  


Here are the suggested questions- feel free to adapt as you see fit. Here is the sample (first one) for your reference: http://etug.ca/2011/10/12/etug-member-profile-amanda-coolidge/


Tell us a bit about where you work and what you do.

How long have you been involved in teaching and learning and/or ed technology?

What’s one thing you really love about the work you do?

How long have you been a member of ETUG?

What do you like best about this community and its activities?

Do you have a favorite ETUG memory?

What would you like ETUG to provide more of in terms of benefits/value to members? Any input or help you want to ask members to provide?

Do you have any special interests/hobbies?

Anything special you want to ask or share with members?


At our SCETUG planning meeting each SCETUG member signed up to conduct an ETUG profile for each month.


Sign-up for 2019/20

2019 - 2020


SCETUG-er in charge 

October  Amy (JIBC)
November  Bonnie
December  Bonnie

Emily S

February Jason
March  Hope
April  Andy
May  ??





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